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Arijit Basu: DAX 4.01 .NET Business Connector: Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet
Источник: http://daxguy.blogspot.com/2007/05/d...connector.html

The Business Connector is a Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 component that enables external applications to interact with Application Object Server instances.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 now includes two versions of the Business Connector; a COM version, and the new .NET version.The .NET Business Connector provides a set of managed classes that provide easy access to X++ functionality in
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. It is installed with and used to support the functionality in the EP server, Reporting server,and Application integration server roles. The .NET Business Connector can be installed as a stand-alone component, and used to develop third-party applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.

The .NET Business Connector consists of 3 layers:

•Managed classes: Exposes public methods that can be called to interact with Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.
•Transition layer: Maps the managed classes to the corresponding interpreter functions.
•Interpreter layer: Executes X++ and communicates with the Application Object Server.

.NET Connector Overview

•The .NET Business Connector is a versatile, general-purpose component that enables managed applications to be
developed against Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.
•It uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
•A set of public managed classes let you invoke X++ business logic and access data in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.
•You can use the .NET Business Connector to implement and deploy both client-based applications, such as a Microsoft
Excel add-in, and server-based applications.
•When the .NET Business Connector is hosted within IIS, it provides access to the managed (ASP.NET) http context
from X++, (this is used by the AX Web framework to enable Web-based functionality).
•The Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 CLR Interop feature can be invoked from the .NET Business Connector to instantiate
and use external managed components from X++ code that is executed in the .NET Business Connector interpreter.
•A mechanism is provided for securely impersonating AX users {LogonAs()}(this is required in certain deployment
•Both the AX EP and the AIF Web Services use the .NET Business Connector.

I did some R & D on this .NET Business Connector and made a very simple C# Windows Application which demonstrates this feature. The files can be downloaded from the link below.

.NET AX Simple e.g.
(You need to log in to http://www.whatisaxapta.com/). I'll try and put more download resources.

The Zipped file contains a AX Class which you must import into AX (AX 4.01) and an EXE file. To execute this you must have the .NET BC Client installed on your PC. The EXE uses the existing Windows user to Log into AX. Make sure this is configured.

Setup the components and Run the EXE.Click "File" and then "Fetch/Refresh". The output should be something like the pix above. Click on Help menu to know more :)

Its really a very simple example. You can definitely R & D other features like perhaps create a small Desktop gadget that shows relevant AX Information or perhaps even a VISTA Sidebar gadget (in future when AX runs on VISTA).
Lemme know in case of any issues.

Happy DAXing :)

Источник: http://daxguy.blogspot.com/2007/05/d...connector.html
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