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dyn365finsupport: Dynamics 365 Business Central data connector in Power BI
Источник: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dyn...r-in-power-bi/

There is a new connector available in Power BI desktop that you can use to build reports for Dynamics 365 Business Central.  When you have Power BI desktop opened, navigate to:

'Get Data'

'Online Services' > 'Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central'

As long as you are signed in with a user that has access to Business Central it should automatically load up a list of your existing companies.  You can drill down into the companies to connect directly to your published Web Services to build reports.

Since this connector is using AAD authentication, any reports that you create can be saved to the Power BI website and shared with other users.

You must have the latest version of Power BI desktop (April 2018) for the new connector to show up.
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Источник: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dyn...r-in-power-bi/
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