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Довольно ужасно, местами примитивно но при этом достаточно.

Прямая ссылка

P.S. Говорят что медленный. Но это вопрос поиска инструмента и фрэймворка. Просто как пример внешнего мира.

P.P.S. Вот другое демо ofbiz, но с доведенной до ума темой так как базовая ужасна. И уже прилично.

Обратите внимание на чем делается прибыль.

И довольно поучительные истории
С одной стороны
My view on OFBiz is that it’s a great product once you have taken time to really understand it and it's probably this that is the biggest barrier for companies taking it up. When we first started looking at OFBiz almost everyone outside of IT was against it, we had to do numerous presentation and explanation as to why we should go with OFBiz as opposed to going with a product like SAP. Now we have got it working for one company and people can see the benefits, we are now being asked to delivery it into the business faster(Now our presentations are setting expectation on when it will be delivered)
И с другой
I started studying and using OFBiz 3 months ago, while building a proposal for an e-commerce site here in France (budget between 250 000 - 350 000€). Our answer was a mix between OFBiz for the e-commerce 'plumbing' and an opensource content management solution for the visual front office parts. The customer was a big company, we were short listed, but they preferred a 100% Microsoft/.NET solution.

Nevertheless, I was convinced enough of the huge OFBiz potential that we built another proposal, for a customer selling on-line lessons mainly to people who would like to learn about arts, food, wine and so on. The budget is quite different, the global envelope is about 15000 Euros. We won the deal, so I started developing on the OFBiz platform.

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