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Navigate Into Success: Codeunit Interfaces – this time for real!
Источник: http://vjeko.com/codeunit-interfaces...time-for-real/

There is a particular programming language feature that I’ve always missed in AL (and C/AL for that matter): interfaces. I’ve dreamt about it, then blogged about it, then finally created a feature request in Microsoft’s AL GitHub repository. My GitHub feature request caught quite some traction and became the most upvoted feature request in less than a day.

Now, I don’t know if or to what extent it was my submission that influenced Microsoft, but it doesn’t really matter – what matters is that it’s becoming reality. Last week at NAV TechDays, Microsoft has presented an amazing new feature that will be coming to AL pretty soon: interface object type. And it’s official, or at least as official as Microsoft’s keynote is, and you can check Microsoft’s demo yourself at https://youtu.be/pl0LAvep6WE?t=4646

The feature is far more comprehensive than anyone could have hoped for, and it can be used for codeunits and enums, and in the future maybe even for a few more things. Who knows, or dares to dream. I dared, and I am pretty happy I did

Read this post at its original location at http://vjeko.com/codeunit-interfaces...time-for-real/, or visit the original blog at http://vjeko.com. 5e33c5f6cb90c441bd1f23d5b9eeca34The post Codeunit Interfaces – this time for real! appeared first on Vjeko.com.

Источник: http://vjeko.com/codeunit-interfaces...time-for-real/
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