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Старый 05.11.2019, 12:28   #1  
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Sveta Asyka
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Регистрация: 21.10.2019
D365 CE Senior Developer in Kyiv, Ukraine
A USA Microsoft Gold Certified Partner invites D365 CE Developers to join their team!

Our client helps companies which deliver professional services to organize and control all stages of the delivery life cycle with CRM Software built on Microsoft Dynamics. The company is headquartered in Dallas and has offices around the USA.

  • Hands-on configuration and development experience in D365 CE
  • Basic CRM customizations like creating entities & workflows, business rules, and system configuration
  • Extensive understanding of D365 CE SDK, plug-ins, custom actions, custom workflows and web resources
  • 2+ years of experience as a full-stack .Net Developer on Dynamics 365 CE Platform using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and REST Web Services
  • Experience in developing, deploying, customizing and integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Resources
  • Developing, deploying, customizing and integrating SSRS report
  • Understanding of Solution lifecycle management in D365 CE, CRM Security Roles
  • Building PowerApps applications
  • Provide post-implementation support for implemented solutions
  • Creating PowerBI reports, understanding Data Warehouse concept
  • Troubleshoot and resolve open technical and non-technical support issues for clients

Will be a plus
  • Experience with DevExpress controls
  • Experience with PowerBI
  • Experience with PowerApps and CDS
  • Exposure to SharePoint Online APIs
  • Exposure to Azure functions
  • Exposure to Azure AD integrations

To apply to this job, please connect with us via

About Talentuch
Talentuch is a professional full service Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing, Advisory and Recruiting organization built on best practices and strong operating procedures supporting IT or technology companies who are expanding or maintaining operations throughout Europe.

We specialize in recruitment for the Microsoft channel: MS Dynamics 365, MS Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure, and SharePoint.

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