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waldo: NAVTechDays 2019 – Final thoughts

It’s over – the weekI’m always looking forward to for so long passes by in a blink of an eye: NAVTechDays. As Vjeko already shared thegoodies – I will do so as well – joined with my final thoughts and somepictures ;-).

I feel myself old and repetitive by saying this conference is “something else”.  Just imagine: quality food: morning, noon and evening, quality (recorded) sessions – all available to the community, 90 minute deep-dive topics, in quality seats, with quality media equipment, and quality speakers (uhum ;-)) – all captured by a quality photographer.  Quality! That’s NAVTechDays: no dime is spared to provide THE BEST conference experience anyone could wish for.  From start to finish!  Unmatched on any level. This year, there was even a hairdresser, I kid you not ;-).

If you don’t believe me: here is the Photo Album of this year’s edition!  And if you think this is the only quality edition?  Well – think again – here are all albums of all editions!

All sessions arerecorded, and already available on youtube and onmibuso. If you have about 28.5 hoursto spare – youcan find all videos here.

My edition

As predicted, my NAVTechDays was a bit too busy.  So much content in only a week .. I have to admit – it’s simply too much.  I probably won’t do that again – and if I do – I’ll at least have this blogpost to hold onto to declare myself crazy .. again ;-).

One special thing I was really happy to be able to do: I got my parents into my session. That’s a special feeling, I can tell you that. You always try to explain what you do, and what impression it has on you – but they can only understand when they actually experienced it :-).

I can’t judge if my sessions were well received.  Thing is – I realize that the topics I talk about – the opinions I evangelized are not always the opinions that are shared by all of you.  Like “Code Customized AL” or “embracing dependencies” to just name a few. I know people that are passionately for code customizing AL – and who are passionately against any form of dependencies.. .  Well, I realize that it can have its effect on how the session is being received (like: complete bullshit ;-)).  All I can do, is share my experience, and what I believe makes sense to go forward .. and I still stand by 100% I have been advocating ;-). And yes – in the “real world”.

In any case … as said, you can find my sessions on mibuso and on youtube here:

NAVTechDays 2019 – Development Methodologies for the future

And the session with Vjeko about connect apps:

NAVTechDays 2019 – {Connect app}²

In the nextweeks/months, these videos will also be turned into a series of blogposts. I already planned a few – and Vjeko is already blogging is ass off as well ... Expect a lot, soon (or late – nopromise ;-)).

All there’s left for me to say is: thank you!  Thank you for joining my session, thank you for joining my workshops, thank you Luc, for making this happen for all of us – it’s a real honor to be a small part of it!  Thank you, Vjeko, my bro, for sharing the stage with me :-).  Awesome week!

Picture time!
  • Ma waldo
  • All headphones were sold out for my ISV session on ALOps
  • Bros!
  • Yep, an hairdresser on the conference – and what I noticed: always busy
  • The master: mister MiBuSo.
  • This moment right here must have been one of the most stressful moments of my life. No BC SaaS, no CustomVision, no screen mirroring – and only 5 minutes to go before our session
  • NAVTechDays wouldn’t be NAVTechDays if there was no beer …
  • 47 countries! Amazing!
  • We brought a simple, but very “attractive” game to the ALOps booth. Not only ALOps was well received, but the game certainly as well

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