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casperkamal: Sending Emails from Ax

Senidng Emails from Ax is very simple. Ax has a class called the sysInetMail which can be used to send E-mail with or without attachments.
Sending  a simple E- mail
   SysInetMail sysInetMail = new SysInetMail();
   sysInetMail.sendMail('', 'Subject:Checking Email', 'This is a check mail', false);
The above code opens up a  small dialog where you will have to allow Ax to access Outlook and the mail would be sent immediately.
if you want the user to edit the mail or have a final look of it , then don't provide the To address in the parameters. This will open up the Outlook message window from where the user can see his content and then send it manually. There is one more advantage if you don't provide the To address, the outlook dialog which pops up for allowing access will also not appear. The code for that has to be something like this......
  sysInetMail.sendMail(' ', 'Subject:Checking Email', 'This is a check mail', false);
Sending an E-mail with attachment
    SysInetMail sysInetMail = new SysInetMail();
    sysInetMail.sendMailAttach('',  'anyccaddress', 'Subject:Checking Email', 'This is a check   
Here you have extra parameters to specify 'cc' and attachement location. You can avoid the 'To' parameter, if you want the message window to be displayed.
    To send e-mail to multiple email address just type them on the to parmeter separated by semicolon
.................... Keep sending 


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