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waldo: Features we can expect in the “2019 Release Wave 2” for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A week ago, Microsoft came with this message on twitter:

Which basically pointed to an URL that was (for me) difficult to find on Microsoft Docs. I literally had to find the tweet again to find the list of expected features again .. so I figured: If I have a problem finding it, others might have problems as well. So, here it is:

Key dates for the 2019 release wave 2 of Dynamics 365

When I just scheduled this blog, Eva Dupont tweeted this:

I guess it’s very much “on topic”, so let’s include this URL as well:

Look out for August 2nd to get your hands on the preview, and obviously to October 1st for the RTM release!  Following the link, you will be able to download a PDF (in your own language) with a description of all upcoming features.

What am I looking forward to?

Since we’re at it, let’s talk about the ones that I am really looking forward to myself :-).

Basically, anything “client” related is in my opinion very important, just because we know that in this next major release, the Windows Client won’t exist anymore. So:
  • Longer timeout period for server connection: this is a no-brainer. It was only added quite late to the list, but good to know that the “session timeout period” for BC Online will increase to “hours” in stead of just 20 minutes.
  • Multi-tasking across multiple pages: I know many users have been asking for this – not me in particular, but who am I? I spend more days in outlook and VSCode than in the actual client ;-).
  • Speed and agility of data entry: We have a customer we will be upgrading to BC15 (that’s what I call it), and speed of data-entry is going to be very important for them .. .
  • Customize a user profile without writing code: also again something I hear a lot from our consultants – something we need to be able to do! I just hope Microsoft will implement this on “personalization”-level, and not on “designer”-level, where we would need to compile it in code / or an extension needs to be created/changed/deployed. Users need to be able to do this on their own – and it should not involve anything technical.
  • Saving and personalizing list views: this is a no-brainer as well. So useful!
  • Add links to your navigation menu: Do I need to say more?
  • Resize columns with fewer clicks: at this point it’s not really intuitive (open personalization, and start resizing columns). So any improvement in this area is always appreciated!
  • Full keyboard shortcut support: THE number one for all I am concerned. I’m all into shortcuts, and powerusers (if I can call ‘m that) apparently as well. So I’m really looking forward to August, when this will be in the preview releases!
All great additions, and a awesome step towards getting into parity with the windows client. Probably people will still have their doubts – but that’s ok ;).

Not only the client-related stuff I’m looking forward to – also technical stuff, like:
What am I NOT waiting for?

And may be a list of what I wasn’t really waiting for (since lately , I’m all into testability: you always have to test the opposite truth as well to have a full test – well, in this case, to have a full story, I have to talk about the opposite as well ;-))
  • More power to developers using Designer: personally, I’m not a fan of the Designer. It has brought lots of confusion (and crashes) .. but I’ll give it a go in August to see what it will bring.
  • Page background tasks: A first step into async processes .. . To be honest, I don’t see “it” yet. I need usecases .. . I missed a webcast about it – so probably it’s just me (and a matter of time) ;-). (Sorry, Kenny ;-)).
  • Base application delivered as AL applications: if that is still a surprise, well, read this post. I’m actually quite against the “Customizing-the-Base-App-in-AL” as any form of solution. For me, it’s a 100% no-go, and I will do anything I can to go fully for AL Extensions. And after all the investments we have been doing, I’m confident we will succeed. Why am I against it? Well, in my opinion, it’s at least as bad as going hybrid (aka “side-by-side”. You can read all about my opinion on that here). With all the changes we have been going through – and we are still going through – I don’t see why we would have to implement even a third development model as a partner.
    I know some people see it as a step in the AL direction. Well, it IS a step, sure .. but the only direction I can think of is “South” ;-). It feels too much like putting off the inevitable to me .. . And yes, I realize that some things are not possible with extensions, like extending primary keys, reports, options, posting routines, .. or missing events. We also had to deal with all of these … .
    Anyway, I’m at it again – I told myself to shut up about this very topic… , but apparently it’s stronger than me ;-). I’ll stop here…
So here you go. To recapitulate, the main topic of this post is simply to share the URL to the list of features: The (updated) list of features we can expect in the 2019 Release Wave 2! But now at least you have some useless opinions on top of it ;-).

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