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waldo: Inconsistent language behaviour in the windows client

The strangest thing happened to us recently – one that really blew my mind. I’m going to spare you the long road of trial & error we went through to come up with the answer – or at least an explanation of what cause the behaviour.

The behaviour

Because “a picture tells more than a 1000 words” .. let me just show you. In the below images, you see the language (Dutch) in green – and you see English (which is not set) in red.

Even messages:

How strange is that?

On top of that – there is no code whatsoever that I can influence the wrong parts.. .

On top of that – there were other databases that were correct: same client, same everything, different database.

We tried a bunch: Windows updates, upgrade client, remove metadata, recompile, … you name it!

Root cause

After long consideration .. and after a golden tip of my colleague (aka punky), we discovered it had “something” to do with a certain rolecenter. After starting to disassemble the rolecenter, we discovered the root cause of the misbehaviour is …

Chart parts !

I hear you .. say what? Indeed. From the moment you have a chart part on your role center – no matter which way (by development or by customization/personalization) .. it starts to behave like that. So all you need to do is remove it from the role center, and languages will behave decently.

That’s it for now – next – I’ll be enjoying my birthday …

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