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Отключить ненужные языки для отчетов в Dynamics Ax 2009

Запись от Poleax размещена 17.06.2010 в 10:45

Основываясь на посте Проблема с выгрузкой отчетов Reporting Services в AX2009

И Dynamics AX 2009 - SSRS Report Deployment Issue

Dynamics AX 2009 - SSRS Report Deployment Issue

If you have deployed the SSRS Report Lib.'s from Dynamics AX 2009 before, you might have ran into some timeout issues.

Even with deploying the reports one ReportLib at a time. And if you have not seen this yet, most likely you will.

An error message, sometimes with great detail will show up during the Reports Deployment process, and that will reference something similar to the following.

[ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.]

The ThreadAbortException is the key for this error. Basically the thread trying to do the deploy is timing out writing to the Report Server.

Most likely you cause is related to the amount of langauge files / cultures that are trying to be deployed for the given ReportLib.

A simple change can be done to help fix this issue.

The following is the steps to do, that relate to the above table inside Dynamics AX.:
  1. Open the AOT
  2. Expand Data Dictionary > Tables > LanguageTable > Fields
  3. Right click on the 'LabelFile' field and choose properties
  4. Change the Visible property to 'Yes'
  5. Save the change
  6. Right click on the LanguageTable and choose Open
  7. In the table, uncheck the Label file field for any languages that are not needed
  8. Deploy the ReportLibs again that were having issues

This may not be the fix all the time, but most likely it will be. Also this can be used to help clean up the Report Manager. The initial deploy can deploy a lot of reports in languages you just don't care about. So you can remove those, or clear the entire Report Manager and then deploy with only the language files / Cultures that matter to you.

Well that's call for now, check back soon, as I have more post coming! See you then!
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