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waldo: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft just released the new name for “Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife'”, where “Tenerife” was just a codename for the next version of “NAV-In-The-Cloud”. And as you might have figured from the title, that name is “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You might know I’m totally not into “marketing fluff” or “branding” for that matter – so Iwouldn’t know if this is a good name. All I can say: I like it! I like it a lot!;-).

The Blog

As said – Microsoft just announced today the new branding and some more – by means of a blogpost which you can and should read here. For your convenience, I also copied the content below this blogpost…

We have a date in 16 countries!

As already mentioned in earlier blogposts, we knew that “Tenerife” – sorry – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was going to be released in Spring. Well, now we know an exact date: April 2nd 2018! That’s less then a month from now, people!

And not only for the countries that already had Dynamics 365 available. No, now also for many others:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium (whoop whoop!)
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Australia (from July 1st, 2018)
  • New Zealand (from July 1st, 2018)
Want to learn more?

Microsoft has given two interesting links for you to learn more about:

So far for this small announcement. Please read the blog with the message here. Or here:

In the era of digital transformation, change is the new normal. From self-driving cars to quantum computing, a dramatic evolution is underway across industries. The most successful businesses are already reaping the rewards by expanding on flexible cloud platforms and meeting customer demands in real-time. Coupled by their new-found ability to collect comprehensive data, intelligently analyze results and respond with sophisticated automation software, they are now positioned as the disruptors in their given industries.

Later this spring, Microsoft will continue contributing to enabling digital transformation with new updates to Dynamics 365. This spring release will continue our focus on providing new modern, modular applications, expanded analytics & AI software and improvements to our global, trusted, hybrid and secure cloud platform.

Ahead of this spring release, I am thrilled to introduce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Generally available beginning April 2nd, Business Central offers businesses a single, end to end solution for managing finances, operations, sales and customer service, and an opportunity to easily upgrade from entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems.

Business Central offers terrific value because it integrates with other Microsoft cloud services including Office 365 and can be customized or extended for specific industry needs with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI. In addition, it also brings the full power and product maturity of Dynamics NAV to the cloud. As such, Business Central has at its foundation a set of trusted, proven technologies that have served 160,000 customers and millions of users worldwide. 

As a single, end-to-end application, Business Central offers:

  • Business without silos. Unify the business and boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows—all integrated within familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Actionable insights. Achieve greater outcomes and gain a complete view of your business with connected data, business analytics and guidance delivered by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies.
  • Solutions built to evolve. Start quickly, set the pace and adapt in real time with a flexible platform that makes it easy to extend Business Central based on changing business needs.
Dynamics 365 Business Central will be generally available on April 2, 2018, in 14 countries – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, and Finland, purchased through our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners. Australia and New Zealand will be generally available beginning July 1, 2018. Microsoft’s network of global partners has the expertise to help you create and deploy a solution that meets your industry-specific needs. Do even more with Dynamics 365 Business Central using pre-built applications, available through the AppSource marketplace, to easily and cost-effectively extend your solution.

Excited to learn more? Check out our Dynamics 365 Business Central website and explore our product capabilities on the Dynamics 365 Roadmap.

Source: <a target='_blank' href="">

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