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Старый 11.01.2019, 03:13   #1  
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waldo: 3D print Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Let’s start this year with something completely different. But before we dive in – I’d like to wish you all love, happiness, perfect health and all you want me to wish for you … for 2019! Let’s turn this year into a blast!

Off Topic

To start off the year – this is going to be a completely off-topic topic, as I’m not going to show you anything useful, development-related, … or anything like that. Well, it’s not *that* off-topic .. you’ll see.

I bought myself a Xmas present

After quite some research, I got really interested in 3D printing. Don’t ask me why – I just thought it was so cool to be able to create (print) real objects whenever needed (in my case: “wanted” – there is not anything I really *need* to print ;-)). So after my last working-day of 2018, I headed to the store, bought myself my own present, told my wife that I took care for her to buy me a present, got into a discussion, got out of the discussion, installed the printer – and have been printing ever since (for +2 straight weeks, night and day).

What does this have to do with you?

Well, nothing major. Probably you don’t care about this robot I made for my youngest son

Or this trash can (that I needed to throw away all the failed prints)

I’m not kidding:

But .. after a while, one starts to wonder:

what if I wanted to design my own stuff

And I did. And this is where it might be of any interest of you ;-).

I pressed “start” in windows10, typed “3D” and noticed there is something called “3D Paint” and “3D Builder”. After one youtube video, I decided to try building the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central logo. You know, this one:

Simply, because I couldn’t find it anywhere!

It only took me an hour to build something that I thought was good enough – and tried it out.

Pretty good, huh :-). I am SO happy with the result – I already have some print-orders from some colleagues ;-). Here you see the finished result on my backpack:

Can I have this design?

How dare you ask this. OF COURSE you can have it. I made this design available on Thingiverse – a community where people can share their designs for others to print! Here it is:

Download, and use at will! And if you print it – please post a make!

Is that all?

Well, no – now that I designed the 3D version of this logo, I can do stuff with it. It is “an object” afterall ;-). So what if I want to apply this to an already existing design. Let’s just take “Docker” as an example. One day, I stumbled on this thing:

A design for a docker logo for kids to play with putting containers on the whale.

For this, I created a remix, where I put the logo of Business Central on the containers. You know, to resemble the great work of Freddy and Tobias putting Business Central on Docker ;-).

Here is the remix:, which looks like this:

This is not where it stops

Not even close. I have a lot of ideas to use this logo for. Like phone stands, or phone covers, or … you’ll see ;-). I have one awesome idea that I would like to be able to create – but it will involve quite some skills both in 3D design as in finetuning my printer for a very detailed print (I’m still not happy with how it prints (yet)).. . If I succeed – I’ll definitely share it ;-).

Of course I will not share every design or print in this blog – this has actually not too much to with Business Central. But you can keep an eye on my designs here: There are a few more that I need to put on there that I already did .. but that’ll be for another day ;-).

If YOU have an idea that you think would be cool – please share! I’m all ears.

Welcome to my new hobby ;-). It beats “waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones” any day ;-).

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