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waldo: New Extension Videos for NAV2016

As we could see during WPC, NAV2017 is around the corner. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is not working on readiness material for NAV2016. Especially for the things that have been brand new, and need some attention. You know: Extensions.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work together with Microsoft on some new NAV2016 videos on Extensions. And since this month (July 5th) they were published on all media (MSDN, but also YouTube). These videos were created by Vjeko (voice) and myself (content). Hope you like them :-).

How Do I Get Started with Building Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions on the Azure Demo

This is the first interesting video that handles on how to use the Extension Development Shell on the Azure Demo VM. I blogged about it here .. and now there is a video as well:

How Do I Build My Own Development Environment for Starting to Develop Dynamics NAV Extensions

If you are willing to build your own development environment for building Extensions (something that I do and would recommend as well) – then we created a video to help you on this. So, I suggest start with this one .. as the next videos are based on this development environment.

How Do I Build a Basic Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension

When you have your development environment in place, you can start looking into building a basic extension by watching this video:

How Do I Include a Permission Set in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension

The next step is to include permission sets into your Extension. We made a separate video for that here:

How Do I Set Prerequisites and Dependencies with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions

And last but not least, there is a video on how to work with Prerequisites and Dependencies. They are both totally different things, but often confused. This video explains what can be expected, and how you do it with NAV2016 Extensions:

There is one more on the agenda: debugging. A small video with tips how to debug Extensions. I’ll ping you when it’s finished!

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