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msdynamicsworld: How to setup a gateway for Power BI

Before setting up a gateway, let’s understand what a gateway is and how it works. When you create Power BI reports based on on-premises data and publish them online, to refresh your datasets, you will need a way to access your on-premises data sources. This can be achieved with a data gateway.

In most cases, to share the reports you created on Power BI Desktop, you need to publish them to the Power BI service in the cloud, also known as Once this happens the mechanics of refreshing your dataset change, which means the cloud, not your machine, needs to have access to your data sources.

A gateway is a piece of software that acts as a bridge between the cloud and your on-premises data sources. With a data gateway, you can not only access your on-premises data sources but also schedule refresh for the datasets published to the Power BI service.

The Power BI Gateway can be installed in two modes

1)     On-premises data gateway:
  • This gateway can be used by multiple users that have access to the server on which you install the gateway.
  • It can be used for both scheduling refresh and live queries in Power BI.
  • You can also use it for PowerApps, Logic Apps, and Microsoft Flow.
  • This gateway is well-suited to complex scenarios with multiple people accessing multiple data sources
2)     On-premises data gateway (personal mode):
  • Only you can use this, and you can use it only for scheduling refresh in Power BI.
  • Allows one user to connect to sources, and can’t be shared with others.
  • An on-premises data gateway (personal mode) can be used only with Power BI.
  • This gateway is well-suited to scenarios where you’re the only person who creates reports, and you don't need to share any data sources with others.
  • The Live Connection connectivity mode, PowerApps, Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow are not supported.
You can install up to one gateway in each mode on the same computer, and you can manage multiple gateways from the same interface on

<strong>How the gateway works

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