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waldo: The complexity of complex return types (updated) – Looping a record return type

Update for my previous post: The complexity of complex return types. (I could have just updated the post, but since that wouldn’t trigger the people that already read it, I decided to create a small update just to pin your attention to the following..

After a few comments from Marknitek and Dennis Reineck, I realized that I forgot one important ability, that actually makes it (kind of) possible to use the Record-return type, and start looping with a minimum amount of code.

The trick is to use the Get/SetView methods. In all honesty, I can’t remember I ever used it. But in this case, it does seem to work. So, it could look like this:

And you’re even able to extend the filters as well, something like:

So .. If any more feedback/comments .. who knows, a third post will pop up today as well

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