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dynamicsaxse: February 2019 Release – Dynamics AX2012 R3 update

The Feb’19 release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes.  Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Master planning, Service Management, BI and Reporting, Procurement, Sales, Client, Server, SI, Project Accounting, Inventory, Retail, Invoicing and Payments, Regulatory Reporting, Dimensions, Reports, Payroll, Public Sector, Project management, Timesheets, Workflow, Production, Server, Cash and Expense, Tax updates. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this quarter.

NOTE: This will be the last blog for this site that is scheduled to retire in March.

Here are a few details related to this release:
  • Primary Build: 6.3.6000.8149
  • Number of Application hotfixes: 246
  • Number of Binary hotfixes: 32
Details of the install process can be found here:

What is included in this month’s release?


Known Issues: -

Bug IDAreaIssueLCS Link3979549DAXSE\SCM\InventoryReceive transfer order failed with error “Quantity xxx cannot be received because inventory transactions with status Registered are insufficient” after apply fix of KB4487498Link to download Hotfix3979591\AXL\Regulatory Reporting[China] Description on the General Ledger inquiry report is incorrectly printed as "Opening Balance".Link to download hotfixDesign Change Requests

KB DetailsDescription of issue or change requestDescription of enhancementKB­­­_4490125Tax recalculated for retail transactions when posting Statement after installing Hot fix KB#4471211The issue arises when user change the Tax code in AX after the POS transaction and while posting system reads the Tax code from AX hence the difference in tax code and tax amount.</p>We have fixed the posting method where system keep track of all the tax code submitted and after statement posting checks each tax posted with the POS tax code. All the different tax code posting is flagged and details about them are written in event viewer or logs for user to see.KB­_4477597Sales invoice payment posting in method of payment ledger accountSales invoice payment posting in method of payment ledger account. This fix would also need application (X++) KB:4477599KB_ 4054026The system allows customer creation without RTSThe changes in the hotfix will address creating customer when RTS is down.

There is a Binary fix KB #4054029, that needs to be applied.KB_ 4476720Germany: VAT declaration in XML format creation without transferring to ELSTER - AX 2012 R3The changes in the hotfix make it possible to generate VAT declaration in the new format suitable for sending via ERIC (ELSTER Rich Client).KB_ 4486637XBRL Taxonomy update NT13 in Netherlands for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3The changes in the hotfix will resolve the issue by having the New format of electronic reporting files is required for ICP (EU Sales list) and OB (VAT declaration) in accordance to the XBRL taxonomy version NT13.KB­_ 4470864Norway - EHF electronic invoice update to format 3.0After installing the hotfix, please extract from AOT resources and store in the appropriate location the following transformations files:

• "eSalesInvoice_NO_OIOUBL.xsl" - for Sales invoices;

• "eProjectInvoice_NO_OIOUBL.xsl" - for Project invoices.KB_ 4471543Italy - Electronic invoices for private companies (import of vendors e-invoices).The hotfix enables the possibility of the import of vendor invoices from FatturaPA version 1.2 XML files.

For more details about the system settings required for vendor invoices import please refer to KB4471543.KB_ 4478786SG - RegF - Singaporean tax changes 2019 (including invoice layout and reporting for customer accounting) - Ax6.3The changes in the hotfix contain a solution for setting up reverse charge rules for sales tax code and reflecting related information in customer invoice and tax and base amounts in the respective boxes of the GST report.

For details, please refer to KBArticle4478786KB_ 4482494Russia - Changes in a printable format of 2-NDFL report for year 2019The hotfix enables a new simplified layout of printable format for former "2-NDFL" report, enforced in year 2019 which is called now "The certificate of income and taxes", generated on-demand, per employees requests.

This report is available for printing from "Employees" and "Income Tax" forms as "2-NDFL" and not available from "Income tax register" formKB_ 4483152RU - RegF - Correcting facture for advance payment (AP/AR) - AX6.3Creation of corrective facture to advance facture, for payment in 2019 year of VAT amount to 20% for advances of 2018 yearKB_ 4485084JP - DCR - Calculated depreciation amount and depreciation period is incorrect after splitting fixed asset [DAXE 3927009] - 6.3The calculation of beginning balance amount and date of last depreciation (calculated period) are correct after splitting a fixed asset both in depreciation profile and depreciation proposal:

- when fixed asset splitting in the period immediately after changing the method of depreciation

- when fixed asset splitting in the middle of depreciation period (different depreciation methods)KB_ 4489299Russia - Changes in the XML format of 2-NDFL report for year 2019The hotfix enables a new XML format for "2-NDFL" report, enforced for the reporting period of year 2018.KB_ 4489566Russia - Changes in the SZV-STAZH report for year 2019The hotfix enables a new format for "SZV-STAZH" report, enforced for the reporting period of year 2018.KB_ 4480901SPED Fiscal ICMS and IPI - Layout 013SPED Fiscal general repro steps

·        Navigate to Fiscal books > Setup > Tax statements > Sped Fiscal > Setup parameters > Open

·        Select a fiscal establishment and select the version 1.12 and OK to confirm. Enable Block K and Export production orders in case of reporting production orders into sped fiscal statement.

·        Click Fiscal books > Common > Booking period.

·        Select an specific period and fiscal establishment.

·        Click Sync to transfer all fiscal document and productions orders posted in the selected booking period ID

·        Click Process inventory to view the inventory position in the selected booking period ID

·        Click Tax statements -> SPED Fiscal to generate the sped fiscal file into the new layout.KB_ 4486387Sped EFD Contributions layout 004 and 005New action has been introduced in Fiscal books to allow users to register tax base amount adjustments.KB_ 4477659FISCAL BOOKS (BRA) Incorrect Inventory Balances after run Inventory closing process in Block H for items with Production transactionsAfter the application of this hotfix, navigate to Fiscal books and execute Sync and Process inventory again for February booking period to get the correct costs in block H.KB_ 4469312BE - RegF - Intrastat format changes from 2019 - AX6.3The changes in the hotfix include the following:

- Customer Tax Id and Country of origin are exported to new tags in Intrastat XML file for dispatches

- Customer Tax Id is transferred to Intrastat journal in the following logic:

- Tax registration number of type VAT Id from the delivery address, if exists, otherwise

- Primary Tax registration number of type VAT Id for delivery country if exists, otherwise

- Primary Tax registration number of type VAT Id.KB_ 4477408Brazil/BRA: NT2017.001 version 1.40 - GTIN validation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for RetailThe update implements the changes introduced in NT2017.001 version 1.40 for GTIN validation in NF-e/NFC-eKB_ 4487106Austria/AUT: Changes in Kammerumlage 2019 (Purchase duty)Starting from 01Jan2019 the purchase duty (KU1) is to be paid not at a single rate (standard rate), but a degressive graduated tariff should be used for its calculation

The hotfix contains changes to support this regulatory update.Fixes Released

KB NumberComplete Feature PathTitle4471267\AX Retail\Archive\Channels\Transactions\Discounts and PricingUnbalanced TTS when applying Line discount Sales header and doing header2line update4472693\AX Retail\Solution\Call CenterApplying “Summary Invoice” on more than 2 sales orders, incorrectly shows invoiced amount when using Customer Service Total option on Call Center4484955\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Other PaymentsRefunding onto 2 gift cards simultaneously creates a refund payment for first gift card only in a call center sales order4477648\AX Retail\Solution\Channel managementSales Tax Overrides View from different legal entity are getting duplicate in MPOS4486629\AX Retail\Solution\Channel management\Retail StoresMPOS Customer Edit Errors After Clicking "Back"4489484\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Customers and GroupsCustomers are still showing in EPOS search after deleting them from All customer forms.4486254\AX Retail\Solution\Extensibility\E-Commerce ExtensibilitySales order attribute not being serialized4487882\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement PostingSystem is picking the first journal with journal type as customer payment irrespective of the Journal assigned in Retail parameters4468778\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement PostingMultiple blank retail statements created4469442\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement PostingBlocked product not inserted to retail sales when it returned4471211\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement PostingTaxes are recalculated when posting transactions created in POS, resulting in potential discrepancies when the AX-calculated and POS-collected tax amounts differ4477510\AX Retail\Solution\Inventory management\ReplenishmentWhen multiple Users perform Stock Count operations in EP, clicking on Refresh removes open Stock Count records4483320\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Order Creation, Visibility and (Cross-Channel) Changes in Store or POSAfter applying last kernel, the MPOS cannot find item price for variants, if the variant barcode is scanned4477599\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Processing Payments (Settlement)Deviations in the ledger voucher values when the total cost of the transactions is posted to the project estimate.4477598\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing\Payment processingAfter applying latest Binary customer account deposit for customer order gives multiple errors on EPOS4470252\AX Retail\Solution\Security and authentication\MPOSTranslation during the first logon "Retail Modern POS" causing performance issue4489399\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POSService item quantity not updated for second info code4466590\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily OperationsZIP code lookup not working - OUT OF MEMORY4483024\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Gift cardsCannot void Gift Card4484751\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Gift cardsIncorrect rounding in MPOS for Change due amount when performing payment3124310\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\InfocodesPARENTLINENUM in RETAILTRANSACTIONINFOCODETRANS incorrect when info code is used for void payment4488713\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other TransactionsEPOS search is throwing an error “Error converting data type nvarchar to bigint.”4488270\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other TransactionsAfter applying KB4466590, the cashier cannot sell /return transactions on MPOS when the customer is tax exempt.4488278\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy[Italy] AX2012R3 PA E-Invoice: the value of PrezzoUnitario field is wrong, this in case of invoice with zero price4488298\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsCN-After KB4484598 the FA scarp voucher is wrong.4488513\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R2 E-Invoice should handle the stamp information4488299\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsUnable to cancel PDC for intercompany vendor transactions4488011\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[BRA] Issuance of return invoice with CST 49 and fiscal value 3, rejected by Sefaz. Rejection: 610: Total da NF differ do somatorio dos Valores compoe o valor Total da NF.4477650\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R2 E-Invoice should handle the NATURA N1 for ExemptArt.154489283\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsIN: Special depreciation is not working as expected and depreciation proposal is incorrect with asset disposal.4487131\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[France] Fixed asset depreciation method RB/SL does not update remaining period when years is modified4487906\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsCash discount perc not initialized correctly on SO4486656\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsCZ - Variable symbol is not transferred from Advance invoice to “Payment ID” field on Payment journal line4489404\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice shows the customer's historical address, not the current one4490579\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice shows the customer account information instead of the invoice4491374\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice should handle the stamp information4491787\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsNorway eInvoice (EHF) v. 3.0: Tax exempt number Scheme name attribute should not be present (UBL-DT-08)4489423\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R2 E-Invoice does not aggregate the transactions using the Format invoice proposal function4477649\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2009SP1 E-Invoice should handle the NATURA N1 for ExemptArt.154490013\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsNFe 4.00 NF-e: Rejection code 699 for Return invoice - PORT correction from KB4015009 and KB4089696 applied only for NFe version 3.10 to NFe 4.004490002\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsAX2012R3-Electronic invoice rounding amount as the quantity decimals are not shown correctly4484598\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsCN - System is posting two wrong voucher lines at current layer for fixed assets disposal transaction4484619\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsJP Loc Error ‘FormDataSource object not initialized’ when importing Payment calendar4482832\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsPURCHASE COMPLEMENTARY INVOICE (BRA) Incorrect TypeofCTe for a Complementary related to CTe Model 574484623\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsRU - Unnecessary symbol in operation codes4485060\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] E-Invoice has missing information for cash discount4477632\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsBRA - The values for the poverty fund have not been replaced when viewing the fiscal document and XML, where the sales tax = DIFAL.4486079\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsITA - Percentage of VAT is recalculated on XML EInvoice with decimals4486265\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsJP Loc –Due date is calculated incorrectly when using the terms of payment with payment method = Cutoff day4482215\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice has wrong information with header charges4477641\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-invoice does not show the StabileOrganizzazione tags in Customer information4477642\AXL\Invoicing and Paymentsclosed transaction editing reversal results in voucher not balanced4479284\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsNFe  (BRA) Direct Import - Error 795 - The Total of ICMSDESON does not match to the sum-up from Item lines.4479306\AXL\Invoicing and Payments(BRA) VENDOR ELECTRONIC PAYMENT - When Return file is processed, the payment transactions are being transferred to a new Journal with the same Voucher.4471203\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsTransfer Order (BRA) - Cancel shipping fiscal document, with inventory movement - WMS - Error: No lines for posting; Update has been canceled.4470859\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R2 E-Invoice the description should be mandatory before the posting validation.4471555\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsRU - Payroll - Average salary calculation issue4471263\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2009SP1 E-Invoice the description should be mandatory before the posting validation.4471264\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice the description should be mandatory before the posting validation.4471545\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsSpanish einvoice : if we create free text invoice with quantity zero , the xml retrieves NaN amounts4470858\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsCredit note for FA purchase from vendor with flag Price include sales tax4470558\AXL\Invoicing and Payments[Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice XML cannot be created if it has a document note attached4477721\AXL\Invoicing and PaymentsNFe  (BRA) Direct Import - Error 528 - ICMS amount does not match to the Basis amount x percentage.4480546\AXL\Invoicing and Payments\Fixed AssetsTransfer assets to low value pool – deprecation book function can only transfer from the fixed assets with the 'Low value pool' deprecation method4485064\AXL\Invoicing and Payments\Fixed AssetsJP-LOC-the acquisition amount is not correctly when "Reduction entry" is posted after acquisition fiscal year4483369\AXL\Regulatory ReportingPIS AND COFINS FIXED ASSET (BRA) - Incorrect base amount for PIS and COFINS in case the Purchase order for asset acquisition has Charges4469800\AXL\Regulatory ReportingMissing tax information in sales tax table and on VAT register reports for Poland4477658\AXL\Regulatory ReportingCN - General Ledger Inquiry amount is incorrect4483356\AXL\Regulatory ReportingRU - Empty corr. account in bank revaluation4480508\AXL\Regulatory ReportingFB - SPED Fiscal (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the "Complementary fiscal document – tax" and "Complementary fiscal document – price" for purchase order.4478765\AXL\Regulatory ReportingSPED EFD Reinf (BRA) - Event R-2060 - the tag is considering all adjustment value for all Economic activities code.4476071\AXL\Regulatory ReportingFISCAL BOOK SPED Contributions (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the "Complementary fiscal document – tax and price" for purchase order.4471935\AXL\Regulatory ReportingSII 2012R3 ImporteTransmisionInmueblesSujetoAIVA is always reported for sales and it should be reported only when we sell a property4489572\AXL\Regulatory Reporting[China]Internal Expense posting did not create voucher if the destination company is Chinese company4490354\AXL\Regulatory ReportingAUT sales tax payments: negative amounts in reporting code 0174492171\AXL\Regulatory ReportingTags psc, naz_obce, ulice, c_pop, c_orient on EU Sales list are not correctly exported4492605\AXL\Regulatory ReportingGetting stack trace error while posting purchase order with: The company Ext does not error during update4492387\AXL\Regulatory ReportingPosting rejection of Advance report don’t update budget control statistics4486400\AXL\Regulatory ReportingSAF VAT sales and purchase register – not handling the overdue transactions.4487404\AXL\Regulatory ReportingGermany: Preview of the German Electronic tax declaration is blank in AX 2012 R34488516\AXL\Regulatory ReportingTH - Purchase unrealized VAT remaining Report not updated with VAT transaction and VAT calculated incorrectly while processing "Reverse unrealized VAT" process with partial payment4489055\AXL\Regulatory ReportingBrazil/BRA: Incorrect ledger account for records A170 and 0500 Purchase and Sales Service invoices in SPED CONTRIBUICOES4488910\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Financial Reporting[Belgium] posting journal Period of validity does not work4486321\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\GL accountingError in foreign currency revaluation (RU) errors after installing KB 44776514477651\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\GL accountingError in foreign currency revaluation (RU)4490694\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Inventory ReportingSAF Inventory – NaN value in tag and wrong filtering in second run.4486309\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Statistical ReportingEU Sales list report and file is rounding amounts in a wrong way for Lithuanian companies4471260\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Statistical ReportingAX 2009 Invalid German Intrastat XML file/ tag currency codes4471942\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Statistical ReportingAX 2012 R2 Invalid German Intrastat XML file/ tag currency codes4471943\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Statistical ReportingAX 2012 Invalid German Intrastat XML file/ tag currency codes4478745\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax ReportingUK VAT report Box 54483892\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax ReportingSales tax specification by ledger transaction report - Sales tax amounts are not displayed correctly.4482521\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting\VAT Declarations[Italy] AX2012 R3 Italian Periodic VAT payment Communication does not show negative calculated amounts in XML4473692\AXL\RetailDeposit value is populated as zero when doing recall customer order is POS.4481400\AXL\Retail\SCMCannot create a new product, using a shared template only on Russian company4486326\AXL\Retail\SCMGTD number dimension is not visible on the Inventory value report.   Clicking on any Owner or Inventory profile dimension displays a serial number form.4488492\AXL\Retail\SCMIndia/IND: Amount posted to GL differs from inventory transaction cost for stock transfer order shipment4489050\AXL\TaxIN-Proper Effects of Tax are not reflecting in Tax Inquiries when we post Tax journals4487535\AXL\TaxSales tax code and sales tax amounts are not getting updated in ledger transaction list with project transactions after loading INDIA GST update 2 hotfix4489047\AXL\TaxIN: Filed ID ‘0’ does not in table “Currencycodemap' error while confirming the sales order.4485924\AXL\TaxSales tax reconciliation report project transaction4479055\AXL\TaxIN-Unable to run withholding tax settlement when there is a vendor invoice reversal in customer environment.4483023\AXL\TaxIND – FA acquisition amount incorrectly posted to FA with GST and ‘Tax loaded on inventory’4477647\AXL\TaxSales tax of the Quantity variance is wrong in the Sales tax general journal reconciliation report4486377\AXL\TaxTH-Customer Withholding tax does not consider “Amount exempted from Withhold invoice”4488289\AXL\TaxTaxRuntimeModelRow duplicate during sync when only change data model in tax configuration4484630\AXL\Tax[Belgium] purchase sales tax wrong based amount with actual tax amount is modified4477653\AXL\TaxSales tax amount origin is wrong calculated in a general journal when exchange rate is changed manually in journal line4482180\AXL\TaxPerformance issue for bank journal posting.4477638\AXL\TaxIND – FA acquisition amount incorrectly posted to FA with GST and ‘Tax loaded on inventory’4479575\AXL\TaxProject invoices changes to Item Sales Tax Group inconsistent behavior4477594\AXL\TaxIndia GST: In Tax setup form, defined Tariff codes are not available in lookup for non-admin user.4482747\AXL\TaxSales Tax Transactions report does not display Customer Name when the Invoice Proposal Date and Journal Date does not match on Project Transactions4464954\AXL\TaxIN- Rate per item and total amounts are incorrect in Export Invoice Copy4477655\AXL\TaxIN – Vendor account is credited with incorrect amount when TDS on service item is linked4471155\AXL\TaxIN- Import Order Cannot Delete Multiple Invoice Lines4473208\AXL\TaxAmount origin of sales tax is incorrect in multiline customer payment journal with no offset account4471279\AXL\Tax[REQUEST PORTING] Vendor transaction with retained taxes and installments - It is not deducting the tax on the first installment in case the "Sales tax allocation" parameter on Payment schedule form when it is setup to allocate tax on the first installment4470717\AXL\TaxError attempting to bill an asset purchase for use and consumption with Aliquot Differential. The Differential must be the cost of the asset.4468926\AXL\Tax\Tax documentationSales tax general journal reconciliation -report: Invoice discount is not reported if the invoice is posted via Project module4488290\BI and Reporting\SetupSession id stored in usage data for redirected printers causes an error when printing sales invoices4488445\BI and Reporting\SetupThe formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message - after AOS crash reports don't run4492178\BI and Reporting\SRS Reporting\Report Server ExtensionsGenerating a SSRS report to Excel file with xls extension the report is created incorrectly in ExcelOpenXML format4489559\Client\SearchEnterprise Search not returning complete records in AX client4490678\Developer and Partner Tools\MorphX\Version Control System (VCS)Check-in state is not considered when multi selecting elements and modifying properties4489581\GFM\Accounting FrameworkAccruals previous period is not open4488288\GFM\Accounting FrameworkDimensionAttributeValue.deleteForDimensionAttributeValue should not delete records4489302\GFM\Accounts PayableWhen date and voucher are changed during vendor invoice posting process such invoices are not listed in payment history4482498\GFM\Accounts Payable2018 1099 changes - 1099-DIV form changes4471306\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice JournalsCancellation voucher from credit note approval journal.4477628\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice JournalsVendor balance posting type repeated on COD invoice4475145\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingIn invoice approval journal when trying to select the invoice the number of vouchers field is being updated in place of list of selected vouchers.4480628\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingPossible to post pending vendor invoice when approval journal is open and not posted on cancelling4481840\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingBehavior of “Matching details” form is different and inconsistent if the Matching details form is opened from different paths4477662\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingVendor invoices. Last match workflow condition does not work4488715\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingNo cash discount should be calculated for the invoice which includes prepayment4488364\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingOn-hold Vendor account future date passed - Cannot create new Pending Invoice4486454\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingRegression issue of KB # 4466424 - In voucher change cases, error “The transactions on voucher XX do not balance as per (accounting currency: -XX,XX - reporting currency: -XX,XX)” when VAT/Tax is included in the new line in the invoice approval journal4492351\GFM\Accounts Payable\InvoicingUnable to see the Vendor invoice attachments in EP Vendor invoice list page4473933\GFM\Accounts Payable\ReportsTransaction reversals for Multicurrency invoices that have been revalued lead to incorrect Vendor aging report4477630\GFM\Accounts ReceivableCollections in Different Currency Change Value on Amount to Settle when the Record is Selected4482519\GFM\Accounts Receivable\CollectionsIf pre-save filter is used in the Accounts receivable/Common/Customers/All customers> close transaction editing, then the system retrieves vouchers which doesn't belong to that customer.4470920\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Free Text InvoiceDefault values in customer master are not set into the first free text invoice line if the customer does not have address information4482520\GFM\Cash Management\BankBank module when running consistency check it is throwing warning with BANKDOCUMENTTABLEVIEW4471584\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and SettlementPayment Proposal using Journal Batch number as query criteria is not working4471587\GFM\Expense ManagementIncreasing the Expense amount over the reconciled amount of the linked Travel Requisition creates incorrect distributions4471994\GFM\Fixed AssetsFixed assets Transactions report displays inaccurate transaction info, does not equate to 'Net book value'4471200\GFM\Fixed AssetsMissing voucher transactions after Fixed asset Reclassification (R3 CU12)4477631\GFM\General LedgerAccrual amounts are incorrectly posted when the sales tax code has a Tax-exempt percentage and only part of invoice net amount is accrued4470175\GFM\General Ledger\Reports“Approved by” field on Print Journal differs in case of executing from “General Journal” form and “Reports > Journal > Print Journal”4475153\GFM\General Ledger\ReportsMain account statement shows ‘zero’ opening balance4122371\GFM\PayrollAn incorrect bank account is used for direct deposit when an employee moves from one legal entity to another and has a new bank account in the new legal entity4058305\GFM\PayrollA vendor invoice uses wrong posting account4477791\GFM\PayrollGetting BP warning on class PayrollCalculatePayStatementTaxes, "PayrollTaxTypeInitialization::setMedicare method is obsolete"4484974\GFM\Payroll2012 R3 Payroll Tax update 2019-R1 for the United States4488019\GFM\PayrollError in unit of amount in currency USD. Must be rounded to 0.01 is generated when using an Oregon Transit Tax for an employee getting a check on the Payroll Payment Journal4489190\GFM\Payroll2012 R3 Payroll Tax update 2019-R2b for the United States4489750\GFM\Source Document FrameworkAccounting distributions and committed costs are incorrect after making a PO change request to adjust the accounting date4484844\GFM\Source Document FrameworkPosting invoice approval after changing account structure causes error 'Changes have been made to combination xxx since the combination was last used.'4490163\Human ResourcesUpdate schema for ACA electronic submissions for tax year 20184478462\Human Resources2018 ACA forms (1095-B and 1095-C)  R24471131\Human Resources\Core HCMUser can edit Last name of the Past worker/Pending worker only once and the display name is different from the Name details of the worker.4481278\Public Sector\BudgetCarry forward Budget Reservations with partially relieved lines throw error when attempting to post in new year4486498\Public Sector\GLAdvanced Ledger Entry is still able to post with using the copy function where No Ledger is set4479031\SCM\InventoryDeliver now flag does not auto update the Site default financial dimensions on Sales order lines4489377\SCM\Inventory CostingCancelling a purchase return for a moving average item creates discrepancy4486443\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Inventory ControlPosting a moving average revaluation does not respect the financial dimension value associated to inventory dimension Site via Dimension link4471451\SCM\Inventory\Quality ManagementQuality Order number sequence is not correctly incremented if user forgot to enter the mandatory fields.4470527\SCM\PlanningRemove unnecessary lock on WrkCtrSchedulerLock when Non-Finite processing is used4490721\SCM\PlanningCapacity issues when scheduling with infinite capacity because of expired resources moved across resource groups4484882\SCM\Planning\Lean Scheduling“No child nodes expected.” was thrown in case CtpForSalesEventKanbanExplosionTree4484797\SCM\Planning\Master PlanningReqTrans duplicate record created when planned purchase order is firmed with change management activated4477634\SCM\Planning\Master PlanningItem coverage using incorrect value for Consume on-hand inventory parameter4477601\SCM\Planning\Master PlanningCannot create a record in Requirement transactions process filter (ReqProcessTransFilter). error occurs when running MRP in 'Net change' mode4487795\SCM\Planning\Master PlanningDynamic negative days not working as expected, causing extra planned orders.4485247\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersReturn orders can cause incorrect planned orders when running NetChangeMinimized4485247\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersReturn orders can cause incorrect planned orders when running NetChangeMinimized4484565\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersCannot firm planned production order with error 'Cannot delete a record in Net requirements (ReqTrans).'4480434\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersPlanned orders are not created for raw materials when running explosion on configured BOM4489928\SCM\Planning\SchedulingProduction job scheduling fails with the error “Production order xxx could not be scheduled. Scheduling failed due to timeout” despite increased timeout 100 sec4486257\SCM\ProcurementWrong unit price inherited from trade agreements for items with variants4477627\SCM\Procurement\IntercompanyIntercompany PO charges are multiplied when Sales order type Journal is changed to Sales order on original SO4462662\SCM\Procurement\Purchase OrdersError when posting the product receipt with charges: Function CostMarkupProvider.getAmount has been incorrectly called.4472084\SCM\Procurement\Purchase OrdersThe ledger posting of the invoice (credit note) for a returned purchase order is incorrect if an inventory is close or recalculated before invoice posting.4470836\SCM\Procurement\Purchase OrdersDeleting a delivery line disconnects the agreement4491561\SCM\Procurement\Purchase OrdersView totals on Purchase order returns error Changes to purchase order are only allowed in state Draft when a Totals discount trade agreement journal is posted4492181\SCM\Product\Product ConfigurationModel is in contradiction error when testing model with calculations2935838\SCM\Product\Product ConfigurationThe loading of a large model takes too long4486476\SCM\Production and Shop FloorRAF to the same target LP from AX client4487614\SCM\Production and Shop FloorRegression from: 3790737: Scheduling production order with schedule and synchronize references is not calculating correct delivery dates4490882\SCM\Production and Shop FloorCannot postproduction picking list journal with negative consumption with same Lot ID4490452\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch OrdersAfter batch balancing with WMS-enabled items the active and compensating ingredients have incorrect values in the picking list journal4487298\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\MESCannot bundle jobs of error when switching from the indirect activities to the production area and back4477602\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production JournalsRounding issue for time during job card reversal4471121\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production OrdersDeleting RAF journal produces “Maximum number of decimals for the stock keeping unit is 0” error, when decimal length entered in RAF journal manually or from a scan exceeds the decimal precision value of the item.4477635\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production OrdersProduction order created from project, after Report as finished and reports as finished with negative qty. creates additional transaction in Inventory transaction with "On order” status for that item4485970\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production OrdersPer series default value of 1 when manually adding lines4491291\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production OrdersUnable to do the operation scheduling for the second production/batch order on the same day4488572\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Time and AttendanceError message 'ILLEGAL REFERENCE' when calculating on approve form4470716\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS IntegrationIssues after batch balancing with WMS-enabled items4488515\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\RoutesIncorrect production route is created after estimating of the production order if production BOM contains phantoms on two levels4482435\SCM\SalesStatement posting in batch terminates with Error executing code: "Insufficient memory to run script."4470548\SCM\Sales\Sales AgreementsDeleting a delivery line disconnects the agreement4486229\SCM\Sales\Sales OrdersOn the sales return order being created through the Find sales order function, copying the order line that had previously associated return line in a cancelled state fails4488721\SCM\Sales\Sales OrdersConfirm ship dates and confirm receipt dates are not calculated based on the order entry deadline when using sales lead time4492162\SCM\Sales\Sales QuotationsSales quotation does not use defined multiple, min and max order quantity with catch weight items4472086\SCM\Sourcing\RequisitionPurchase Requisition Versions Print Out is wrong4474707\SCM\Sourcing\Vendor\Vendor ApprovalCannot submit the ‘Vendor add application workflow’ when using a questionnaire.4470661\SCM\Warehouse and TransportationCan’t complete put work with product variant unit conversion when using the Full button: “Product variant unit conversions are not supported for this process”4487498\SCM\Warehouse and TransportationNo Transfer Order history in Receive journal4487815\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse ManagementDouble license plate generation when receive purchase order with display container type is enabled4491069\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management[Backport to R3 279060] Inventory status is not changed when quality association has an event type “Product Receipt”4471009\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse ManagementReleased order status updated incorrectly when adding lines4470678\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayImmediate Replenishment creates wrong sales pick lines4485355\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayMobile device - Too many decimals displayed for quantity4481174\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayImmediate Replenishment creates wrong sales pick lines4484422\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayCycle count – Duplicate key exception4477605\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayShipment remove line function not working correctly4478687\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayCan't report actual prod picking list4483317\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and PutawayReduce picked quantity – wrong work cancelled when put location equals Pack4477639\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker ManagementPut away work allows incorrect quantity to be entered4488431\ServerGets an error "Invalid Field/Related field combination” when try to add criteria n:1 for Inventory dimensions or Units on “Purchase receiving log” report form4490521\Server\AOS ServiceFrequent Client crashes after Kernel 6.3.6000.68074491577\Server\AOS ServiceAOS crash in Ax32Serv! build Path4481096\Server\AOS ServiceAOS crash when constructing the X++ call stack4492385\Server\BatchBatch task dependencies may not always be honored4484690\Server\QueriesInsert record set randomly changes the order of columns leading to a SQL error during a foreign currency revaluation4486850\Server\Security\AOS ValidationUnable to add the Vendor bank account if the organization hierarchy is tagged in the security role for country code CHE in bank address.4482309\Server\Session ManagementUser session becomes unresponsive.4477643\SIIncorrect Funding Source displays for Project Details on the Earnings Statement4474697\SI\Project AccountingProject budget control error when trying to edit pending vendor invoice4478070\SI\Project Accounting[Unit Test] AXSIInMarketBugsTest starts failing from 6.3.6000.7092 which is due to change #39769804477661\SI\Project AccountingProject Date is not updated from Transaction Date in Vendor Invoice Journal form4490154\SI\Project Accounting\AdjustmentsError on post project adjustment of split credit item after KB44792704489046\SI\Project Accounting\AdjustmentsThe transactions on voucher do not balance When Adjust Line Property Project4474696\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and ForecastBudget check was incorrect on project purchase requisition before it is submitted for approval4477788\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast[UTC] class ProjForecastPostTest.test3839484 - is failed to match Project budget quantity due to 39751584477652\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and ForecastPROJECT BUDGET REVISION ISSUE4471195\SI\Project Accounting\Committed CostsCommitted costs are incorrect after deleting a pending invoice for a PO that contains more than one tax code.4337599\SI\Project Accounting\EstimatesEstimated item transaction remains in WIP4477656\SI\Project Accounting\JournalsBudget control for Purchase requisition in Projects is missing line discounts4477646\SI\Project Contracts and BillingIf we change contract ID and customer of a project after creating a PO for a procurement category, it will not be invoiced to the right customer4484032\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\InvoicingProject invoice proposal performance issue when processing a high volume of transactions4483058\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\InvoicingTransactions in the Invoice Proposal workflow cannot be delegated in EP to another user although enabled in the workflow parameters4483046\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Project ContractsIssue with funding limits when adjusting transactions with indirect cost components4489560\SI\Project ManagementProject quotation Sales Quotation Table estimate field is not storing any value4488306\SI\Project ManagementHour Journal Validation errors on Project Date if the period is on hold4486989\SI\Project ManagementThere is an unnecessary rounding in the posted project transactions when we make adjustment for an intercompany hour transaction4486416\SI\Project Management\PricingWBS not retrieving sales price in transaction (Project Contract) currency4477633\SI\Project Management\ProjectsEffective labor rate calculation does not consider the inter-company hours registered on the worker.4477640\SI\Project Management\ProjectsProject category validation groups don’t copy correctly when using the "Copy project" wizard.4479270\SI\Project Management\SCM IntegrationProject adjustment is not posted when there are two inventory transaction with different location4486434\SI\Project Management\SCM IntegrationSales order currency from Project item requirement (from WBS) is incorrect4483050\SI\Project TimesheetVoucher Number is Re-Used for Different Posted Timesheets4477657\WorkflowWorkflow editor throws System out of memory exception while editing Multi level Approval block PO workflow4486535\X++ Language\CLR InteropThere is a multi-threading issue when calling CLRInterop::staticInvoke, resulting in errors such as "Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ManagedInterop.ClrBridgeException: System.Type is not a member of Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Utilities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" - it is trying to find a type in the wrong assembly.

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