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Microsoft Dynamics and SQL Server 2005 together enable the following analytical functions:
• Structuring Microsoft Dynamics data and tables into multidimensional cubes so the information can be reviewed in the format and context most useful to each user
• Building and analyzing data warehouses of any size
• Accessing diverse report types (such as Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Access) from applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which can boost employee productivity

The new SQL Server Reporting Services functionality enables users to combine data from their enterprise resource management (ERP) systems and other applications into custom reports. Without this automated report building tool, customers might endure a painstaking and error-prone manual process of transferring data from multiple applications into a data warehouse and/or cutting and pasting data from different reports into an application such as Microsoft Excel to create the report.

SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based reporting environment embedded and managed through Web services, enabling users to create reports and deliver them in a variety of formats. SQL Server Reporting Services now integrates with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, which can save companies money for Microsoft Dynamics user licenses by freeing up reports to Microsoft Business Portal, built on SharePoint. This capability currently is only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions−Great Plains) and Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions−Solomon) customers.
• There's also the option of using Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager for capturing and displaying key performance indicators pulled from Microsoft Dynamics databases via SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services. This helps to easily bring key metrics to your work force. For example, the forthcoming 2006 release of Microsoft Business Solutions−Axapta (now part of Microsoft Dynamics) will include SQL Report Builder, which enables ad hoc report authoring for business users. This gives your IT department more time for critical IT tasks rather than for creating reports for users. For an overview of SQL Server 2005 benefits, see Microsoft SQL Server 2005 features at a glance.
• As an option for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision (now part of Microsoft Dynamics), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 makes it easier for employees to access, extract, and analyze business data and information to improve business decisions. Employees can unlock the value of business data and share relevant information across the organization in a secure way. They can access and work concurrently with accurate data and configure Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes easily by using a set of forms within Microsoft Navision.

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