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Welcome to the Dynamics NAV team blog!! It is critically important for our team to be able to connect with our customers and partners at every opportunity that we can. We are committed to building great products to help you maximize your return on investment with the Dynamics NAV product.

Sometime last year we passed the 1,000,000 user mark with Dynamics NAV. That is an amazing milestone and we can’t thank you enough for your support of the product and your feedback over the years. Our goal with this blog is to create another place where we can come even closer together as a community, where we can share what we are doing with the product, respond to your questions and concerns, and hopefully pull together around what we believe is our common goal.

We have been able to get together with some of you at our Convergence Conferences over the years and I cannot describe how much value we have gotten from those experiences. Those countless discussions have resulted in a customer model for your businesses, it has resulted in over 60 personas for different roles in an organization, and it has resulted in one of the core themes of our next release and our role tailored client that we are rolling out across the Dynamics product line. The better we can understand your challenges and dreams the better we can help solve the challenges and make the dreams become a reality.

Customers and Partners are always at the center of any decisions we make around the direction and functionality of our Product and as we planned for Dynamics NAV 5.0 we also used the customer model very actively, by relating the value of new features to the specific personas. By doing so we find that we as a team are able to more precisely understand and talk about the impact of new features and thereby make them even more relevant to the real users of NAV. Actually since the personas of the customer model all have been given “a name and face”, we today think and talk about our key personas as if they were old familiar members of our team to an extent that we probably wouldn’t be surprised if they one day appeared at our next team meeting in person and just greet them with a, - “Oh, hello Susan, how are you doing today!” (Susan is the name of the Order Processor in the customer model.)

Today the Dynamics NAV community is incredibly global with over 40 language version and customers in well over 100 countries so far. This diversity provides us tremendous advantages in that we can take our learning from around the world and bring it to the rest of the world. But also means we need to have a deep understanding of what is most important for you to succeed in your local market whether you are a customer using the product, a partner selling and implementing the product, or an ISV building vertical functionality for specific markets.

I could not be more excited to now be a part of this amazing NAV community. I thought it might be nice to give you some background on the leaders on my team. This way you can connect directly with them and I can show you that we have some very passionate, committed, and experienced people working hard every day to make your investment in Dynamics NAV the best investment you have ever made. This is just the tip of the iceberg and our goal with this blog is to have people from across our team of hundreds of developers, program managers, testers, product managers, user experience experts, content publishing writers, and more to engage with you on this forum.

Dynamics NAV Leadership

Dynamics NAV Architecture Leadership

We have assembled a leadership team with decades of experience in the software industry, and also decades of experience with the Dynamics NAV product, and we are all committed along with the rest of the fantastic Dynamics NAV team to creating the best possible business solution for all of you.

Welcome again to the Dynamics NAV team blog, this place will be become better and better if we all use it to share and come together. Thanks in advance for making this a great place to come.
Darren Laybourn
General Manager
Dynamics NAV and Mobility

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